March 2024

Matthew Marshall to Leave Redwood Coast Energy Authority After 13 Years As Executive Director

December 2023

PG&E Rates Will Rise by Nearly 13 Percent on Jan. 1

Environmental Review Period Begins for California Offshore Wind Lease Areas

November 2023

RATES TOO DAMN HIGH? PG&E Officials to Discuss Proposed Rate Hikes, Energy Saving Tips and More During Tonight’s Virtual Town Hall

October 2023

Newsom Signs ‘Milestone’ Legislation Ending Exemptions for Coastal Oil and Gas Development

September 2023

LoCO Interview: Meet the Folks at RWE, One of the Energy Companies Working to Bring Floating Offshore Wind Facilities to Humboldt’s Coast

August 2023

‘60 Minutes’ Pays a Visit to the World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm, Which is Located Near an English Town Not Completely Unlike Eureka

Harbor District Officials Extend Comment Period for Environmental Review of Humboldt Bay Port Development Project

June 2023

LoCO Interview: The Outpost Talks to Vineyard Offshore, One of the Developers Working to Bring Floating Offshore Wind Energy to the Humboldt County Coast

May 2023

Mike McGuire Says We’ll Need to ‘Move Heaven and Earth’ to Expedite Floating Offshore Wind Development, Hears Concerns From Commercial Fishermen and Environmentalists

RWE, the German Company Planning Offshore Wind Development Here, Announces $10K Annual Donation to Food for People

March 2023

California’s Aging Electrical Infrastructure Presents Hurdle for Offshore Wind Development on the North Coast

Yurok Tribe Joins Redwood Coast Energy Authority, Aiming to Increase Access to Clean, Renewable Energy

December 2022

(UPDATE) ‘It’s Beyond Frustrating’: Yurok Vice-Chair Calls Out Provisional Winners of Offshore Wind Bid for Failing to Engage With the Tribe Ahead of This Week’s Auction

SOLD! BOEM Names California North Floating and RWE Offshore Wind Holdings as Provisional Winners of Two Offshore Wind Leases Off the Humboldt Coast

North Coast Tribes Advocate for ‘Meaningful, Impactful Partnership’ with Potential Developers Ahead of Tomorrow’s Highly Anticipated Offshore Wind Lease Auction

North Coast Fisherman Fear for the Future of Commercial Fisheries as Offshore Wind Efforts Advance

November 2022

PG&E Execs Gets an Earful, Offer Update on SoHum Capacity Problems

October 2022

‘Together We Can Shape Offshore Wind for The West Coast’: Local Officials, Huffman and Others Join Harbor District Officials in Celebrating Partnership Agreement With Crowley Wind Services

Offshore Wind is Coming to the North Coast. What’s in it For Humboldt?

IT’S ON: Humboldt Offshore Wind Leases to Go Up For Auction on Dec. 6

September 2022

PG&E Releases Statement Addressing Electricity Transmission Limits, Says Short-Term Improvements Will Allow Garberville Hospital Project to Proceed

PG&E’s Electricity Transmission Limits Threaten to Throttle Development Throughout Southern Humboldt, Blindsiding Local Officials

Want to Learn More About Future Local Offshore Wind Energy Projects? There’s an Upcoming Workshop in Eureka For That!

August 2022

North Coast Conservation Groups File Lawsuit Against Federal Energy Regulators to Protect Threatened Eel River Fish Species

June 2022

State’s First 100% Renewable Multi-Customer Microgrid is Now Up and Running in McKinleyville

May 2022

Biden Administration Proposes Offshore Wind Lease Sale, Including Two Spots off the Humboldt County Coast

April 2022

[UPDATE: PG&E Responds] Environmental, Fishing Groups Submit Notice of Intent to Sue PG&E for Violating Endangered Species Act With Potter Valley Project on the Eel River

Coastal Commission Says It’s Cool to Move Forward With Humboldt Bay Offshore Wind Project Studies, Approves Bay Trail Permit

March 2022

State Energy Commission Approves $10.5M Grant to Prepare Port of Humboldt Bay for Offshore Wind

September 2021

New State Law Advances Offshore Wind Energy Development in Humboldt County, RCEA Says

Regional Coalition Looking to Take Over Potter Valley Project Hits Snag as FERC Denies Request for Extra Time

August 2021

ECONEWS REPORT: The Climate Crisis is Here

Biden Cabinet Member Joins Huffman, White House Official and Others to Highlight Offshore Wind Developments Planned Off the Humboldt County Coast

July 2021

ECONEWS REPORT: To Save an Owl, We Kill an Owl?

A BRIGHT LIGHT: At the Launch of Humboldt’s New Electric Microgrid, a Vision of the Future

May 2021

Biden Administration, Gov. Newsom Eye Humboldt For Future Offshore Wind Farm

Newsom’s Budget Includes $11M for Port of Humboldt Bay Development to Support Emerging Offshore Wind Industry

REMEMBER! Humboldt Will Transition to Peak Electricity Pricing in June, and There’ll be an Online Seminar if You Want to Know What That Means

September 2020

RCEA Encourages Locals to Snatch Up Statewide Rebates for Installing Energy Storage Batteries

February 2020

A Delegation of Norwegians is on a Whirlwind Tour of Humboldt, Scoping Green Economic Development Opportunities

January 2020

Terra-Gen Critics Said We Should Wait for Offshore Wind, But Will That Project Spark an Even Nastier Debate?

(UPDATE: COMING BACK!) HUMBOLDT DOWN: Major Outage Cuts Power to More Than 60,000 Customers Across Humboldt County

December 2019

WIND PROJECT SHOWDOWN: Special Board of Supervisors Meeting Set for All Day Monday at the Adorni Center

Terra-Gen Reaches Agreement With Local Unions, Says Wind Farm Would Be Built Entirely With Union Labor

November 2019

Planning Commissioners Explain Their Flip-Flops as Supes Prepare to Hear the Terra-Gen Wind Project Appeal at the Adorni Center

‘I Know You Can Do Better!’ City of Rio Dell Asks Supes to Hold Terra-Gen Hearing in a Bigger Room

In a Wild Meeting, the Planning Commission First Deadlocks, Then Denies the Humboldt Wind Energy Project

The Planning Commission Could Reach a Decision on the Humboldt Wind Energy Project Tonight

OP-ED: The Terra-Gen Wind Power Project Will Chain Us to the PG&E Grid and Ruin a Sacred Place

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