Over this dune, find fecally contaminated seawater. Photo of Clam Beach: Wikimedia.


The nonprofit organization Save Heal the Bay has issued its annual report card on the cleanliness of beaches throughout California, and once again our own Clam Beach has earned a big fat “F.”

A perennial loser, this year Clam Beach has been adjudged to be the second-worst in the state, behind only Orange County’s San Clemente Pier.

Heal the Bay calls its bottom-ten worst beaches “Beach Bummers,” and this year it says of the humble Clam:

This chronic Beach Bummer is on the list for the sixth straight year. Water quality at this beach is negatively impacted by agricultural runoff that flows into the ocean via Patrick Creek and Strawberry Creek. Humboldt County officials are actively working to identify the largest sources of bacterial pollution at this beach.

Some good news for Humboldt County: Luffenholtz, which made the bottom half of the list in the last two years, has improved its dry-weather grade to a “C” this year, and so is no longer an official Bummer. Moonstone also rates a “C.” Trinidad State Beach scores a solid “A,” and Mad River Beach gets an enthusiastic “A+”!

Check out Heal the Bay’s full 2018-2019 report at this link.