This property on South G Street in Arcata may soon allow you to redeem your bottles and cans for cash. Photo: Andrew Goff.




Back in August we reported, optimistically, that an employee-owned Crescent City business called Hambro may help fill Humboldt County’s bottle-and-can redemption vacuum by getting a new recycling center up and running in Arcata in a matter of just a couple months.

Well, it wasn’t quite that easy, turns out. The regulatory permitting process proved more complicated than the company expected, and so the opening of the center was delayed, then delayed again and again and again

But today brings good news from Hambro. The company says in a press release that it has been granted an administrative permit from the California Coastal Commission, though the permit won’t become effective until the next commission meeting, at the soonest, on March 11.

Once the Coastal Commission permit is in hand, Hambro can pursue a building permit from the City of Arcata. No target completion date is mentioned in the press release below, but hey, we’ll take any progress we can get.

Friday, February 18, 2022, Hambro Forest Products Inc. was granted an Administrative Permit to open a CRV recycling center at 420 S. G Street, Arcata, California.

The permit will not become effective until it is reported to the Commission at its next meeting on March 11, 2022. If one third or more of [the] appointed membership request (has an objection or needs clarification), the application would be set for a subsequent public hearing.

The permit is granted subject to a list of special conditions. No local permits can be obtained until the Commission issues the Notice of Permit Effectiveness.

Upon receipt of this notice Hambro will file a building permit with the City of Arcata to address building, lighting, electrical, noise, traffic, and stormwater issues.

Hambro continues to pursue the objective of opening a recycling center in Humboldt County.