Your candidates for Supervisor from the Fourth District, District Attorney and Arcata City Council have been furiously answering questions on LoCO Elections these last few days, and they’ve answered so many that it’s impossible to summarize them in a single headline. Here’s a quick rundown of their recent answers, with direct links.

Fourth District Supervisor

Candidate Natalie Arroyo hops in to answer a recent question about what she would do to protect abortion rights, after this week’s news. She also lays out some possible strategies to deal with regular flooding in the Elk River watershed, and lays out in some detail her thinking on the problem of balancing regional needs with NIMBYism. Also: An endorsement update.

Meanwhile, candidate Mike Newman clears up the question of whether he is still registered “Decline to State” or whether he has reverted to the G.O.P.

District Attorney

After a brief absence, DA candidate Michael Acosta returns to LoCO Elections to ponder the question of whether or not it should matter that he wasn’t born and raised in Humboldt County, and forcefully asserts that your choice of district attorney and the choices the district attorney makes does, in fact, have an impact on the levels of violent crime in the community.

Superior Court Judge

Candidate Ben McLaughlin answers a question about the possible demise of Roe v. Wade with some thoughts about the role of a local, county judge in situations like this.

Arcata City Council

Candidate Edith Rosen, a latecomer to the LoCO Elections party, makes up for lost time by answering a slew of reader questions, making her the MVP of this LoCO Elections cycle. We learn that she’s a hardline supporter of the push for more bicycle infrastructure, that she believes compassion and understanding are the keys to tackling the homeless issue, that she wants to see the city build a new library, and that she supports the controversial (to some) Old Arcata Road rehabilitation project.

Candidate Alex Stillman chimes in with her take on low-income housing development and housing equity.