Photo embed of The Hirsch’s gram.

Emile Hirsch — or “the Hirsch,” as he’s referred to on Instagram — snapped this selfie from what appears to be the inside of the Eureka Inn this afternoon.

“Just another day of backbreaking acting work,” the Hirsch writers in his social media post.

He also appears to be in costume, as he’s not a natural platinum blonde.

But the most interesting clue in this picture isn’t the Hirsch’s sweet hairpiece. It’s the signage peaking out of the lower left corner that appears show the last few letters of the words “Beverly,” and “Linn.”

All but certainly assuring us that the title of the movie being filmed in Humboldt for the next few week is “An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn.”

LoCO had previously reported that the Hirsch may be in the film, but had no substantial evidence that the “Into the Wild” star was filming his scenes in Humboldt.

This furthers the rumors that Aubrey Plaza may also be in town.

Our spies tells us that Hirsch, Plaza Craig Robinson and Jemaine Clement were all seen having dinner together at the Arcata restaurant Salt a few nights ago. But we’re still waiting for a Plaza picture to surface — preferably on the Plaza, please.

Keep sending us your glorious selfies, and we’ll keep you updated with the latest Hollywood-Humboldt news.

Hirsch possibly grabbing some organic grub at a local grocery store.