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Humboldt-Del Norte Cattlemen’s Association press release:

“The scene described at Mr. Christie’s property is horrific and disturbing. Animal abuse in all circumstances is indefensible and should never be tolerated. If the alleged accusations are accurate it is clear a crime was committed. Anyone convicted of these crimes or any animal abuse should be punished to the greatest extent possible. While some may try to use this isolated incident to condemn all ranchers I assure you this is not reflective of how myself or hundreds of other ranchers throughout Humboldt County raise and care for our animals. We will continue to use our collective voice to condemn all animal cruelty and continue to promote the highest standards of animal care.”

Ray Christie is not a member of our Humboldt & Del Norte Cattlemen’s Association.

Todd Phelps


Humboldt & Del Norte Cattlemen’s Association

Ray Christie | HCSO.