Your Lost Coast Outpost is devastated to announce that this week we lose young Freddy Brewster, who has graced our pages for a little more than a year. Our loss is the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism’s gain. Happy matriculation, Freddy!

Let’s take a quick spin down memory lane. In his time with us, Freddy has done all kinds of great stories. There was his award-winning look at the Sheriff’s Office’s maybe not-quite-legal social media moderation policy. There was his reporting on the controversy surrounding the deposed executive director of the Yurok Tribe. There was his really amazing series of stories on homelessness in Eureka (here’s one). All that, plus the usual daffy reports from the streets of Humboldt that your Lost Coast Outpost has come to embody.

Freddy’s deep digging, intelligence and heart will be missed. Superfans may review his entire LoCO history at this link from now until the end of time.

OK, that’s enough about Freddy! GTFO! On to new businesses. We have a Brewster-sized hole in our masthead that we need to fill. Do you love Humboldt County? Do you have some reporting and writing chops? Do you want a dream job writing for the Outpost?

If yes to all of the above, then get yourself over to this link and follow the instructions there. Introduce yourself! We look forward to hearing from you!