Acosta (left) and Carroll.


Eureka attorney Michael Acosta and his partner Sarah Carroll, charged with maintaining a drug house and possession of drugs for sale, have been scheduled for a jury trial in late August.

This morning Judge John Feeney scheduled an Aug. 30 trial for the couple, who were arrested Feb. 4 when Drug Task Force agents raided their home on Cedar Street. The house also serves as Acosta’s law office. Both Acosta and Carroll are out of custody, and Acosta is continuing to practice law locally.

Acosta is representing himself, with attorney Andrea Sullivan representing Carroll. Sullivan, appearing via Zoom this morning, said she has an appointment Friday to review the district attorney’s case file. There are “numerous unknown confidential witnesses,” she said.

Five people were in the home when officers arrived, and all of them had drugs in their possession. Officers removed a small bag of methamphetamine from Acosta’s pants pocket. He told them he must have pocketed the drug when he was picking up trash around the property.

In Acosta’s office, which is upstairs in the residence, agents found 17 grams of heroin, a small quantity of meth and 74 “Xanny bars,” which contain the maximum level of a drug similar to Xanax.

Law enforcement had been monitoring Acosta’s home for months before the bust. At the September preliminary hearing, one agent testified it was common to see up to 25 people a day entering and leaving the residence.