Articles by Freddy Brewster

December 2020

How California Worked With Social Media Companies to Remove Election Misinformation

Why Didn’t You Vote? CalMatters Asks a Couple of HSU Students Why They Didn’t Participate in the Last Election

October 2020

For Native Americans, Voter Outreach Is by Both Wi-Fi and Radio

July 2020

Fare Thee Well Humboldt, It’s Been Real

Humboldt Has a Bunch of State Money to Promote Equity in the Cannabis Industry. So Where is It?

NoHum High School District Plans for Distance Learning, While Fortuna Votes for In-Person Classes

HOW HUFFMAN VOTED: In Big Week on Capitol Hill, Humboldt’s Congressman Somewhat Reluctantly Funded the Military, Supported National Parks and Signaled Opposition to Secret Police Squads

As In-n-Out Opens, Two Eureka Restaurants Close Temporarily Due to the Pandemic

Aegis Treatment Center Opens as Humboldt’s Only Methadone Clinic and Another Tool in Combating the Opioid Crisis

Humboldt County Businesses Received Millions in Federal Paycheck Protection Program Loans, Resulting in Tens of Thousands of Saved Jobs

Drug Use Appears To Be On the Rise in Humboldt, But Local Treatment Centers Are Still Open

Two of Humboldt State’s Sponsored Programs Are Working with Nevada County to Develop Its Cannabis Equity Assesment

June 2020

Fake News: What is the Epoch Times and Why Did It Arrive On My Doorstep?

Humboldt County in the First Days of the Pandemic: What 2,000 Internal County Emails Tell Us About the Early Response to the Rise of COVID-19

County Reports ‘Significant Progress’ in Meeting Low-Income and Moderate-Income Housing Needs

McKinleyville’s Kmart Is Slated to Close In The Near Future

Ferndale City Council Votes to Extend COVID-19 Emergency and Reminds Public of the Dangers of Not Masking Up

Yurok Tribal Members Plan Protest March Due to the Rehiring of Javier Kinney

May 2020

Cuts to Services, Limited Access to Shelters and Life on the Streets: COVID-19’s Impact on the Unhoused

After Being Deemed ‘Essential’ Humboldt’s Cannabis Industry Has Had Mixed Success

City Pumps Brakes on Trinidad Rancheria’s Request for Water; Will Draft Policy Before Continuing Formal Negotiations Over New Hotel Development

The City of Trinidad and the Trinidad Rancheria Are at Odds Again Over the Water Supply for the Tribe’s Hotel Project

Humboldt Made Is Now Bringing You the Friday Night Market Digitally

Yurok Tribe Rehires Javier Kinney, Former Executive Director Who Resigned Amid Accusations Late Last Year

(VIDEO) Dr. Teresa Frankovich and Sheriff Billy Honsal Discuss New Changes to The Stay-At-Home Order and What Businesses Can Do to Reopen

Celebrity Chef and Mayor of Flavortown Guy Fieri Helps Set Up A $20 Million Grant Fund for Struggling Restaurant Employees

After An Initial Surge In Demand, Local Independent Pharmacies Are Stocked Back Up On Medications

Break-in at the Savage Henry Comedy Club

Local Farmers and Ranchers Are Seeing Strong Demand For Their Products, But They’re Having to Get Creative to Reach Consumers

April 2020

Construction of A 100-Bed Alternative Care Site Begins at Redwood Acres

(VIDEO) COVID-19 Facts and Figures with Dr. Frankovich for Friday April 24

Humboldt County Libraries See A Surge in E-Books, Digital Rentals and Other Online Services

Fortuna City Council Gets New Land for Police Headquarters, Eyes Street Upgrades, Talks COVID Reopening

Local Paramedic Featured on Today Show as One of Their #TodayHeroes

An ‘Enrollment Depression’? In the Wake of COVID-19, HSU is Facing Dire Population and Budgetary Declines, Possibly Lasting Years

Check Out This Amazing COVID-19 Resource Guide From 2-1-1 Humboldt

(UPDATE) Clash Erupts Between Sheriff’s Office and Hoopa Valley Tribal Members Over Who Has Jurisdiction Over Highway 96

Humboldt Area Foundation Distributes Nearly $200,000 in Grant Money to Help Local Organizations With the Side Effects of COVID-19

UPDATE: Shots Fired in Arcata Last Night Strike Maintenance Shed and Two Apartments; Arcata Police Chief Says Investigation in Ongoing

Winter Weather On Its Way; Cold Rain and Hail in Lower Elevations, With Seven Inches of Snow Expected Above 3,000 Feet

March 2020

(UPDATED) Sheriff’s Office Not Currently Enforcing Evictions Due to Pandemic; Arcata Will Consider Moratorium

The Humboldt County Jail and Juvenile Hall are Taking Necessary Precautions to Prevent COVID-19, Say Staff

Government Plans For Addressing the Needs of the Homeless are Being Discussed, and Local Advocates Are Making Plans

Facing Tough Decisions and a Shrinking Budget, the Measure Z Committee Has to Decide Which Programs to Fund With Dwindling Proceeds

EXTRA! EXTRA! Arcata High’s Danielle Witten is One Hell of a Teacher!

February 2020

Ever Wonder What Goes in to Making a Democracy? Well the Outpost Decided to Look Into It for Ya

Eureka City Councilwoman Kim Bergel Files for a Restraining Order Against Virulent Facebooker Cornelius Loewenstein

(PHOTO) Illicit Messages Between Faculty Member and Student Prompted Solicitation Investigation

As the Planet Heats Up, The County Plans to Address Rising Sea Levels With an Emissions Reduction Plan and a Slow Retreat Strategy

(VIDEO) Humboldt Republican Headquarters Vandalized Early Saturday Morning