(AUDIO) Eric Kirk is Holding Up

Wait, what? Can it really be just over a month until the November 2020 elections? You expect us to process this too? 

Against the backdrop of COVID-19, the California wildfires and protests in the streets, Humboldt is set to head to the polls, ready or not. And while you’ve likely had your fill of the Presidential horse race, have you given any thought to how any of this local stuff is going to go? We know. It’s a lot.

Eric Kirk, in his bunker of political analysis

This is when having someone like Eric Kirk, Humboldt politics enthusiast and blogger, comes in handy. On this week’s Humboldt Holding Up, LoCO’s good-enough podcast, Eric scoops up the biggest local ballot items, feeds them through his noggin computer and pops out some steaming hot analysis for all to enjoy! Races discussed include: 

  • Humboldt County Supervisor, District Two!
  • Eureka City Council, Wards Two and Four!
  • Arcata City Council!
  • Measures! Props! and (fine) the American Presidency!

Click the audio player above for the Humboldt political gabfest and/or check out previous Humboldt Holding Up episodes below!