Two Dogs Attacked by Rabid Foxes Near Hydesville; Two Humans Receiving Treatment

Foster Families Needed

Challenge a Chief and Help a Tot Shop With a Cop

Fallen Tree Removal, Caltrans Says SR211 Onramp Closure Thursday

In Response to Rising Motorcycle Fatalities, EPD Conducts Special Enforcement Operation

Get the Lead Out: Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Holds Workshop to Discuss Lead Bullet Ban

Low Cost Rabies Vaccination Clinics Because Frothing Is Bad

Take a Peek at Local Dogs Looking for Homes

This Is Only a Test: Tsunami Warning Communications Test This Wednesday

You Absolutely Want To Drive All The Electric Cars

Caltrans Holds Open House for Possible Improvements to Broadway

Caltrans Holds Open House for Broadway Feasibility Study

Generally Speaking, Your Pet Hates New Year’s Eve

Your Week in Ocean: The Ocean is Scary

About That Water Shutoff Tomorrow

Can You Let It Mellow This Wednesday?

Hail Ahead—Weather Tips for Hazardous Conditions

McKinleyville To Organize Tonight

Lonely Hearts Club Planned

Drowsy Driving Causes More than 100,000 Crashes Per Year

The CHP Wants You… Maybe

Arrive Alive—Safety Tips Produced Here in Humboldt

Speaking of Shutdowns … Arcata Plaza Will Be Closed For Eight Hours Today (UPDATED/PHOTO)

15 Injuries in Three Days—Caltrans Calls for Drivers to Slow Down and Move Over

Lost Pet Owners Want You to Look at the Humboldt Paws Cause

Get Your Kid’s Child Safety Seat Checked Out

Eureka Water May Be Cloudy or Rusty Colored Occasionally This Fall

Water Releases on Trinity River Start Monday—Be Careful

Repeat DUI Offenders, the Fortuna Police Are Looking for You

CHP Wants You—If You’re a 25-35 Year-Old High School Graduate

Grants Available for Humboldt Organizations to Improve Community Health

Former Forest Service Employee? The Forest Service Wants You

Breastfeeding Celebration Planned

Local Law Enforcement Prepares for Deadliest Holiday

McKay Tract: I’m Yours?

Trinidad to Clam Beach Run Needs Volunteers

Mail Theft

CHP: Maximum Enforcement for Thanksgiving

PSA: Drink Wine By The Sea On Saturday

Firewood Problems?

Airport Disaster Drill Wednesday

Mad River Cleanup Saturday