Something appears amiss with AT&T internet service around Humboldt County this morning. The reports started coming into the Outpost early this a.m., reporting outages on Fickle Hill, McKinleyville and Fortuna.

We polled our Facebook friends. They seem to have reached consensus that there is, in fact, something wrong:

Check the comments, there — a widespread report of home internet outage (though not cell phone service) along the Highway 101 corridor. 

And here are some comments from

If we were betting folk, we would stake money on a 40 percent chance that this has something to do with the fire along 101 between Laytonville and Leggett yesterday. The pattern of outage reports strongly resembles previous instances in which AT&T’s fiber optic line has been snapped or melted, and as far as we know the company has not yet completed that “network upgrade” that would involve the lease of some bandwitdh on the east-west fiber line.

 But we can’t say for sure at the moment. We’ll let you know when we know more.