Warning: This story contains graphic descriptions of the sexual abuse of a child.


The estranged wife of molestation suspect Cory Jordan Fisher Sr. was recalled a witness Wednesday to deny her youngest son told her in 2016 that Fisher molested him.


Angela Fisher was called as a defense witness by Deputy Conflict Counsel David Lee, representing former Correctional Officer Cory Fisher on charges that he sexually assaulted three young boys and three jail inmates.

John Doe Three, now almost 13, told a law enforcement interviewer Cory Fisher touched his genitals a few days before his 11th birthday while they were lying in bed watching a movie. He said he told his mother about it the same day, as soon as she arrived home from work.

“Absolutely not,” Angela Fisher testified when Lee asked whether her son disclosed that information.

Lee went on to say that Doe Three also claimed his mother told him if Fisher touched him again, Fisher would have to go away. Then, the boy said, he heard his mother yelling at Fisher in another room.

“Absolutely not,” Angela Fisher said.

In August 2017, Doe Three was staying with his grandfather in Oregon when Cory Fisher was charged with child molestation. Doe’s two older brothers had reported Fisher molested them for years while they were growing up.

After speaking with the older boys, Angela Fisher called her son in Oregon and he told her about the movie-watching incident. She said that was the first time she’d heard about it.

Doe Three, however, said he had to remind his mother when she called that he had already told her what happened.

When testifying during Fisher’s trial, Doe Three changed his story to say Fisher had just rubbed his upper thigh, “almost” touching his genitals.