LoCO Video Reports

Moving peek-chures! Lost Coast Outpost multimedia journalist Sierra Jenkins takes to the streets, camera in tow, and gets up close and personal with people affecting Humboldt, for better or worse.

Monitor her local roaming in the clips and stories below. 

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(VIDEO) BREAKING THE CYCLE III: Humboldt County Jail Inmates Get Employment and Community Resource Options at 2nd Annual Reentry Fair, An Effort to Reduce Recidivism

(VIDEO) REDWOOD ACRES II: More Transformations Underway! Yes, a Cured Meat Manufacturing Facility and Tasting Room Has Taken Over the Old Arts and Crafts Building

(VIDEO) REDWOOD ACRES: Eureka’s Fairgrounds, Now One of the Most Innovative Business Incubators in the County, Makes Space for a Fleet of Food Trucks

(VIDEO) BREAKING THE CYCLE II: With Rising Gang Presence in Humboldt’s Jail, Law Enforcement Gathers to Hear Message of Hope from Former Gang Member

(VIDEO) BREAKING THE CYCLE: Humboldt County Jail Sponsors Criminal Justice ‘Dialogue Series,’ Hopes to Move Convicts Back Into Productive Society

(VIDEO) LOGGING BADASSERY! Redwood Region Logging Conference is in Full Swing at Redwood Acres

(VIDEO) Five-Year-Old Eureka Boy Battling a Rare Form of Brain Cancer Gets A Surprise Visit from Spider-Man While Awaiting Pivotal Next Scans

(VIDEO) Going For Gold! Humboldt’s Special Olympics Basketball Players Show Off Skills, Sportsmanship and Preparation for Regionals

(VIDEO) Zero to Fierce! A Ten-Day Festival is Celebrating the Work and Creativity of Humboldt Women

(VIDEO) Local Students Head to NYC to Become Delegates at the Prestigious Montessori Model United Nations Conference

(VIDEO) Rio Dell Builds Fancy Cannabis Business Park on the Ruins of an Old Sawmill

(VIDEO) Eureka, City of Art! Council Approves Five-Year Plan to Help Revamp and Nurture Local Arts Culture

(VIDEO) WOMEN’S WEED: Local Medical Collective Director Speaks on New Cannabis Products and Opportunities for Women, and Booming Business Generally

(VIDEO) Shaggy, Zany Filmmaker-Activist Jeff ‘The Dude’ Dowd Blows Through the Emerald Triangle

(VIDEO) Local Teacher-Student Tap Dancing Duo Win Second at a Prestigious International Competition; They Show Us Their Skills

(VIDEO) Fear, Harassment, and Heartache: Latino Organization ‘Centro del Pueblo’ Speaks Out after Local Law Enforcement Collaborates with ICE

(VIDEO) THE POWER LUNCH: Arcata Citizens Gather on Lunch Breaks to ‘Defend Democracy,’ Call Representatives About Trump Administration Concerns

(VIDEO) Coffee, Chocolate and Beer: Watch Three Local Companies Come Together to Create a Uniquely Humboldtian Brew

(VIDEO) Plastic Film? It’s Hard to Recycle, but ECO Eureka Wants It for a Good Cause

(VIDEO) Fortuna Dog Trainer Shares Message of Hope, as a Pit Bull and Her Former Owner Rise Up from Life on the Streets

(VIDEO) Eureka’s Heroes of C.A.P.E. Bring Services to the Underserved, Look to Expand Their Ranks

(VIDEO) Why March On Eureka? Voices from Saturday’s Mega Event

(VIDEO) Arcata Plans to Crack Down on Sale, Purchase and Possession of Butane in Effort to Reduce Hash Lab Explosions

(VIDEO) Community Collaboration Brings Bunk Beds to the Growing Number of Homeless Sleeping at The Eureka Rescue Mission

(VIDEO) Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office to Request Local Emergency Declaration Following Winter Storm Damage

(VIDEO) National Weather Service Kicks into High Gear for Recent Storms, Says More are On The Way

(VIDEO) As Ferndale Floods, the City’s Sandbagging Program Holds Back the Tide

(VIDEO) Police Chief Mills Attributes Eureka’s Rise in Violent Crime to Heroin and Unusual Amount of Guns

(VIDEO) Eureka Police Volunteer Abatement Team Hits 300th Tow

(VIDEO) Humboldt’s New Year’s Resolutions!

(VIDEO) HUMBOLDT HOMEGROWN: A Beloved Eureka Beer Bar is Set to Say Goodbye, Only to Make Way for a Thriving Cider Business (Of Course)

(VIDEO) A Few Hundred Yards of Broadway are Less Trashy Than the Others, Thanks to This Civic-Minded Head Shop

(VIDEO) A Peek Inside the Booming Butane Hash Oil Industry, and How Things Can Go Very, Very Wrong

(VIDEO) COMBATING HARM: Battling the Heroin Epidemic With the Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction

(VIDEO) Blue Jigsaw-Tattooed ‘The Enigma’ Performs Dangerous Sideshow Act at Siren’s Song Tavern

(VIDEO) At the Candlelight Vigil for 18-Year-Old Jennika Suazo, Who Died Last Week Under ‘Suspicious’ Circumstances

(VIDEO) Savage Henry Hosts Biggest Comedy Show in Years … and It’s About Psychedelics

(VIDEO) Museum Carries On Kinetic Sculpture Race Legacy at New Location, Gets Gift from Former MythBuster

(VIDEO) Bringing Dell’Arte’s ‘Mary Jane’ to Life: The Masterminds Behind the Musical

(VIDEO) Jacoby’s Storehouse Kicks Off Christmas Season with Lavish 24’ Tree

(VIDEO) Five Dogs Euthanized this Month, To Continue if Humboldt County Animal Shelter stays Over Capacity

(VIDEO) Humboldters Express Fear, Support for Impending Trump Presidency

(VIDEO) One Vietnam Vet’s Story: From War to the Streets, to Promoting Peace

(VIDEO) Talking With Early Voters About Prop. 64 and This Year’s Long, Long Ballot

(VIDEO) Take a step into the world of gems and minerals at the 62nd annual Humboldt Rock Show

(VIDEO) From Stage to Screen — The Stars of ‘Mary Jane’ Tell All

(VIDEO) Inside the Senior Housing Community Rising From the Wreckage of the Downtowner Motel

(VIDEO) Take a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Haunted Kinetic Lab of Horrors

(VIDEO) Meet the Masterminds Behind Manila Mini-Golf

(VIDEO) What’s Going On at Standing Rock? Some People Passing Through Town Tell Us About Their Protest Experiences