It continues! Following this weekend’s writeup in the LA Times, Arcata’s ongoing McKinley statue struggle was the topic of impassioned discussion on Monday night’s edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News.

Carlson began his segment by attacking “the left” for efforts to remove Confederate statues across the southern United States.

“Now they’ve picked a new target: any statue that offends anybody in power,” Carlson continued before briefly describing the fate of Arcata’s controversial centerpiece.

The first combatant to take up the other side of the issue in the television dojo — via Skype! — was none other than Arcata City Councilmember Paul Pitino. While Carlson generally exerted a condescending tone throughout the exchange there were moments when Pitino was able to charm his opponent. 

“Of all the people whose statue you could tear down, why McKinley?” Carlson wondered.

“It’s the only one we got,” Pitino replied drawing laughter from the the conservative host. Watch the full segment above.