UPDATE, 4:30 p.m.: An AT&T spokesperson says:

Due to fiber damage resulting from a fire, some wireline customers in Humboldt and surrounding areas may be experiencing issues with their service. Technicians are engaged and working as quickly as possible to resolve the issue.


UPDATE, 10:05 a.m.: Our AT&T contact’s voicemail message box is full, naturally, and cannot accept more messages, but state Sen. Mike McGuire got through to someone. Hunker down for a nice long outage:


We awake this morning to find that, once again, the Internet has been abuzz with people typing on their phones to report that their AT&T internet/phone/TV/whatever service is down. Frontier too.

The independent tests we perform here at LoCO Labs verifies these numerous reports. The College of the Redwoods website — always a reliable bellwether, since the college hosts the thing on campus — is down. One of our internal tools shows that disaster struck just before midnight.

It certainly smells like a fiber breach. To recap: AT&T and its lessee, Frontier, run all their consumer-level data up and down AT&T’s north-south fiber optic line to the Bay Area. When that line gets cut … no internet. Suddenlink customers are still online because Suddenlink also rents space on the east-west fiber line to the Central Valley — if they can’t send your packets south, they send them to Red Bluff.

Where are you, and do you have all the internet you could wish for?