(*OK, and Del Norte too.)

(AUDIO) Cassandra and Nate are Holding Up!

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We heard a rumor that you might be spending a lot more time cooped up in your home recently, you good li’l shelterer. Are you running out of things to occupy your attention? A suggestion: Perhaps this is a great opportunity to stage your own at-home film festival consisting solely of screenings of movies that have been shot up here in our neck of the woods?! Hey hey! We’ve had worse ideas. 

Nate and Cassandra, Humboldt film nerds

We submit this fabulous movie marathon plan in conjunction with the release of the latest edition of Humboldt Holding Up, the Lost Coast Outpost‘s perfectly adequate pandemic-era podcast attempt. For this week’s episode, we gave the Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commission’s Cassandra Hesseltine and Nate Adams a little homework: Come up with a list of the Top Ten Movies Made in Humboldt of All-Time. And, what do you know, they did it! (They snuck some Del Norte County movies in there, sure, but they serve many masters and are thus forgiven.)

Click the audio player above for the list and to hear Cassandra and Nate gab it up with LoCO’s Stephanie McGeary and Andrew Goff about their questionable list of great Humboldt films, bonus lists of not-so-great local films, stories from some of the larger locally produced projects they’ve worked on and plenty else. Names shamelessly dropped include: Kirsten Dunst! Will Smith! Daniel Radcliffe! Brad Pitt! And more! It’s a very long podcast!

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Through sheer coincidence, our Top 10 Humboldt Movies list comes just as Cassandra is celebrating ten years in her role as film commissioner! Go through her personal photo album in the clip above.

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