March 2019

Trinidad Rancheria Wants Harbor Property Placed in Federal Trust, Raising Concerns About Public Access, Environment and Tribal Rights

February 2019

County Planning Commission Denies Permit for Cannabis Grow on Private Land Within Yurok Ceremonial District

December 2018

(VIDEO) Eureka City Council Takes Major Step Toward Giving Indian Island Back to the Wiyot Tribe

November 2018

GIVING IT BACK: Eureka Will Start the Process of Giving Tuluwat Back to the Wiyot Early Next Month

September 2018

Take a Look at the Big Proposed Trinidad Casino Hotel; Concerned Community Members Schedule Meeting to Gin Up Public Comment

August 2018

California Allocates $1 Million to Improve Mental Health of Native American Youth, Including Local Tribe Members

This Weekend’s Klamath Salmon Festival Will Feature Klamath Salmon

July 2018

Yurok Tribal Court Sets Up GoFundMe to Furnish Sober-Living House

Humboldt County Superior Court and Yurok Tribal Court Partner to Assist Families in Substance Abuse Related Cases

March 2018

Yurok Tribes Files Federal Lawsuit Against Big Pharma Companies Over Opioid Epidemic

January 2018

Resighini Rancheria Wins Round of Fish War With Yurok Tribe; Tribe Vows to ‘Protect Struggling Salmon Runs’

December 2017

Saying They’ve Been ‘Maligned,’ Trinidad Rancheria Calls for ‘Cooperative Body’ to Resolve Trinidad Lighthouse Dispute

October 2017

(VIDEO) A Look at One of the Latest Operation Yurok Trespass-Grow Busts — Numerous Environmental Violations Found

September 2017

‘I STAND WITH WIYOT’: Big Protest in Downtown Eureka Against Rob Arkley’s Plans to Buy Indian Island

August 2017

Yurok Group Issues Statement Responding to Arkleys’ Indian Island Comments

Arkleys Clarify Indian Island Intentions, Say They Want to Buy It to ‘Preserve It for the Entire Community’

July 2017

(AUDIO) Rob Arkley Wants to Buy Indian Island to Keep Eureka From Returning it to ‘The Natives’

New PBS Documentary ‘Tribal Justice’ to Feature Yurok Chief Justice Abby Abinanti

December 2016

Ancient Tool Taken From a Wiyot Burial Ground Has Been Removed From Online Auction But Not Returned to Tribe

This Wiyot Tool Dug Up 86 Years Ago by a Notorious Grave Robber is Being Sold in an Online Auction

Yurok and Hoopa Valley Tribes Collaborate to Transform Former Dump Into Prime Wildlife Habitat

November 2016

Yurok Students Receive Mental Health Training as Tribe Works to Prevent More Youth Suicides

September 2016

Local Tribes Rally in Support of Standing Rock Sioux’s Dakota Pipeline Battle

June 2016

Yurok Tribe Threatens to Take Legal Action Over ‘Massive Fish Disease Outbreaks’

Relying on Each Other: Yurok Tribe Responds to Youth Suicide Crisis

May 2016

Paris Auction House’s Planned Sale of Sacred Hoopa Artifact Draws Protest

FISH WAR: Yurok Tribe Sues Resighini Rancheria Over ‘Unauthorized Fishing’ on Tribal Territory

April 2016

Hoopa Valley Tribal Court Leads Effort to Keep Kids in School

March 2016

James Dunlap Interview: Former Yurok Chair Addresses His Resignation and His ‘Horrifyingly Shocking’ Crime of 28 Years Ago

Yurok Tribe Names New Chairman After Tuesday’s Sudden Resignation

Yurok Tribal Chair James Dunlap Resigns After Stories Resurface of Him Killing His Infant Daughter in 1988

January 2016

Rash of Suicides Prompts Yurok Tribe to Declare State of Emergency

December 2015

Yurok Tribe Passes First-Ever Tribal Ordinance Banning GMO Crops and Salmon

September 2015

Huffman Announces Justice Department Grants, Including $2.6M for Local Tribes

20 Wind Turbines to Be Installed in Loleta Next Month

August 2015

After Five Years, Agreement Reached in Tsurai Village Lawsuit

July 2015

Multi-Agency ‘Operation Yurok’ Goes After Marijuana Grows Described as Largest Ever in Tribe’s Territory

Bear River Rancheria Set to Break Ground on Massive Recreation Center

June 2015

Federal Court Decision Clears Way For Big Lagoon Rancheria to Pursue a Casino-Hotel

May 2015

Nine Yurok Baskets From Early 1900s Stolen from UIHS

April 2015

Hoopa Valley Shoots Down Marijuana Decriminalization Initiative

(UPDATE) Eureka to Consider Giving the Rest of Indian Island Back to Wiyot Tribe

March 2015

Sheriff’s Office and Hoopa Valley Tribe to Work Closer Together After Tribal Police Chief’s Resignation

January 2015

Feds Finally Assert Humboldt’s Right to Trinity River Water Under 1955 Agreement

December 2014

Tribes Can Grow and Sell Marijuana, Feds Say

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