It’s less than a month until Election Day 2020, thank goodness, but if you’re a go-getter who’s just itching to check your civic duty box LoCO is happy to remind you of another voting option available to you.

This cycle, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all registered voters in California should receive a mail-in ballot. From what we’re hearing around Humboldt, if you’re registered odds are good you’ve received one already! If you decide to skip the physical polls and fill out your mail-in ballot, obviously you can send that sucker in via the USPS — no stamp required! But the Humboldt County Office of Elections is also offering a number of official ballot drop boxes scattered around Humboldt to accept your ballot should that somehow make you feel better.

Find these handy ballot boxes at the following locations near you: 

  • Humboldt County Office of Elections: 2426 6th St., Eureka 
  • Ray’s Food Place, Willow Creek: 38915 Hwy 299.
  • Murphy’s Market, Trinidad: 1 Main St.
  • Murphy’s Market, Glendale: 1451 Glendale Dr.
  • Ace Hardware, McKinleyville: 2725 Central Ave.
  • Murphy’s Market, Arcata: 100 Westwood Center, Alliance Rd.
  • Murphy’s Market, Sunny Brae: 785 Bayside Rd.
  • Murphy’s Market, Cutten: 4020 Walnut Dr. 
  • Ray’s Food Place, Fortuna: 2009 Main St.
  • ShopSmart, Redway: 3430 Redwood Dr.

Hey! Here are those very same locations on a map:

Didn’t receive your ballot in the mail? It might be a good idea to check on your voter registration status at this link.

If you’re not registered you have until Oct. 19 to handle that online here

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