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Articles by Cliff Berkowitz

October 2019

PG&E SPOKESPERSON: SoHum Now, Northern Humboldt 9 P.M. Tonight

A PG&E Representative Speaks to KHUM About Restoration, the Next Outage and the Humboldt Bay Power Plant

A PG&E Spokesperson Talks to KHUM About This Weekend’s Potential Power Shutoff

May 2019

New Rutabaga Royalty Crowned!

September 2018

(AUDIO) Measure K Advocates Explain Their Support for Making Humboldt a Sanctuary County

June 2018

County Registrar of Voters Kelly Sanders on the Sundberg/Madrone Race

May 2018

Stage Accident Leaves ‘Hedwig’ Star With 20 Stitches in the Face; Performances at NCRT Canceled This Weekend

March 2017

It’s Almost Time for the Aleutian Goose Fly-off, One of Humboldt’s Most Spectacular Sights

February 2017

(AUDIO) The Humboldt Power Grid is About to Be Cleaner and Cheaper; Redwood Coast Energy Authority Explains ‘Community Choice’ Energy

(AUDIO) Rally for Planned Parenthood at the Courthouse Tomorrow; ‘We’re In a Crisis Right Now,’ Says Organizer

January 2017

Three Back-to-Back Storms Set to Buffet Humboldt County, National Weather Service Says

December 2016

Lori Dengler On Today’s 6.5 Earthquake

November 2016

KHUM’s Stop the Violence Campaign Begins

August 2016

Caltrans Discusses Upcoming Pedestrian-Friendly Improvements to Fourth and Fifth Streets in Eureka

July 2016

(AUDIO) Kevin Hoover Checks In From His Long Pacific Crest Trail Trek

The Eureka Waterfront Trail is About to Get Longer

April 2016

Freshwater Nature Trail Grand Opening This Sunday

Airbags That Kill! But You May Have A Free Rental Car

March 2016

Pedestrian-Friendly Changes Coming to McKinleyville’s Central Avenue

February 2016

Peace Increased! At Least for the Day

December 2015

It’s a Harmonic Convergence of Weather

October 2015

Hurricane Patricia - How Will It Impact Humboldt?

Looking Out My Back Door: A KHUM DJ (Over)Shares About His Colonoscopy (NSFW)

August 2015

Fires in the Six Rivers National Forest: An Interview With Peggi Lawrence

May 2015

A New Queen Is Crowned

April 2015

Jammies Jogged This Morning

March 2015

HAPPY TRAILS: Talking About the Eureka South Entry Project

First Woman Ever To Win The Pun Off

February 2015

Bridgeville School Closed Today

A Foot Of Rain!?

January 2015

‘104.3’ Returns To The Airwaves

Students Talk About Upcoming Native American Activism Conference

December 2014

Benbow 101 Slide Update

A Good Winter Storm - Not Rainageddon

The Eel at Fernbridge Will Flood Friday Morning: UPDATED

Heavy Rain Expected Again - Are we REALLY Still In Drought?

August 2014

First Hand Report - The Napa Quake

May 2014

New Rutabaga Queen Crowned

Hot Enough For Ya?

Audio: DA Debate Last Night at HSU

April 2014

One On One With Virginia Bass

One On One With Maggie Fleming

One On One With Elan Firpo

One On One With Sharon Latour

One On One With Ryan Sundberg

One On One With Allan Dollison

One On One with Arnie Klein

One On One with Chris Kerrigan

Chile’s Wake-Up Call

March 2014

HAPPY TRAILS: Supreme Court Kills Rails To Trails?