Jurors in the murder trial of Jon David Goldberg were sent home this morning after one jury member called in sick.

Visiting Judge Graham Cribbs told the jury and courtroom spectators that he, the attorneys and Goldberg had agreed Juror No. 7 should be given 24 hours to recuperate.

If the juror is not well by tomorrow morning, one of the three alternates will likely be selected as a replacement.

The jury, which has heard two weeks of testimony, had been prepared to hear closing arguments in the case this morning.

Goldberg, 37, is accused of shooting 42-year-old Timothy Smith to death a few hours after learning Smith was having an affair with his wife, Rachel Goldberg. Smith was shot five times outside his Rohnerville Road home on Sept. 26, 2016.

For the first time since the trial began, Smith’s wife Jessica Springer was in the courtroom audience. She could not attend previously because she was a witness.

Springer testified she heard gunshots and came outside to see her husband on the ground and Goldberg with a gun in his hand. Smith died at the scene. Goldberg fled in his van but was arrested that night at his home near Bridgeville.