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(UPDATE: MAYBE NOT) FIBER DOWN? ‘Tis Always the Season for a Mass AT&T Telecommunications Outage!

UPDATE, 8:30 p.m.: College of the Redwoods is back, and you probably are too.


UPDATE, 7:35 p.m.: Looks like it’s not the Fiber This Time? Several customers have contacted the Outpost to say that their Uverse is still up, so we’re leaning toward a more localized outage — perhaps just around Humboldt Bay.

For background on the folly attempting to get information from AT&T itself at times like these, see here.


Some people seem to still be customers of AT&T for some reason, and those people are reporting no internet.

Signs again point to a fiber breach. Everyone’s favorite canary in the cybermine — the College of the Redwoods website — is down.

Again: AT&T refuses to rent space on the east-west fiber-optic line to the Central Valley, so when their own fiber to the Bay Area is snipped — as it is so very often! — half the county goes offline. That includes phones, internet, some ATMs, debit/credit card processors, the occasional 911 service, etc.

Suddenlink customers are fine, as always, because Suddenlink rents space on the east-west line for some other reason. 





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