The case against vehicular manslaughter suspect Marcia “Marci” Kitchen is gradually moving toward jury trial.


Today Kitchen, held to answer on all charges after a preliminary hearing earlier this month, was arraigned on those charges along with additional counts filed by the District Attorney’s Office after the hearing concluded.

No trial date was chosen, but Judge Marilyn Miles scheduled June 13 for trial setting.
Kitchen, 39, was in court this morning with her attorneys Patrik Griego and Ben Okin.  She was arraigned on the original charges: two counts of vehicular manslaughter with special allegations of fleeing the scene and harming multiple victims, and drunken driving causing injury or death.

A felony charge of hit-and-run has been added, as well as special allegations that Kitchen inflicted injuries that resulted in the victim being comatose.

On the night of July 12 Kitchen allegedly was driving drunk on Eel River Drive when her Jeep Wrangler struck two 14-year-old girls skateboarding on the road. One was her daughter, Kiya Kitchen, and the other Kiya’s friend Faith Tsarnas, who was visiting from out of town.

According to preliminary hearing testimony, Kitchen pulled over briefly and stopped, but then left and drove to her home about two miles away. There she reportedly asked her teen-age son to deliberately run the Jeep into a basketball hoop, apparently in an attempt to explain the damage. The boy refused.

Kitchen was arrested after a two-month investigation. She posted $750,000 bail and remains out of custody.