(AUDIO) Kati Moulton is Holding Up

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Your lonely turkey dinner has digested. Time to get your ears back into Humboldt’s goings-on with another edition of Humboldt Holding Up, the Lost Coast Outpost’s good-enough podcast thingy.

Kati “Kati Texas” Moulton, councilmember


This week: The second half of our attempt to get to know Eureka’s newly elected council members. For more than a decade, Kati Moulton has worked with arts-related organizations in Humboldt (The Ink People Center for the Arts, Kinetic Universe, SCRAP Humboldt, etc.) and earlier this month she bested three other competitors to claim the Second Ward seat on the Eureka City Council. Click the audio player above to hear Moulton chat with LoCO’s Stephanie McGeary and Andrew Goff on numerous topics, including:

  • The factors that fueled her last-minute decision to run for council
  • Kati Moulton? We thought you were Kati Texas!
  • How her artist’s journey landed her to Humboldt
  • How she reached out to Eureka’s next generation of voters
  • A discussion of potential uses for the decaying Jacobs Junior High School campus in her ward
  • Eureka’s push to become a hub for artists
  • Will there be a traditional 2021 Kinetic Grand Championship?

Again, click above to meet the newest Kinetic Kouncilmember and/or scroll our past Humboldt Holding Up guests below.

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