(AUDIO) Jenny Metz is Holding Up

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Jenny Metz, joy creator

After spending the past few years establishing the Inn at 2nd and C and Phatsy Kline’s Parlor Lounge as some of Eureka’s most chic destinations for out-and-about revelry, 2020 was the year Eagle House owner Jennifer Metz had designated for “less stress and more success.” Well, you know how that went.

On the first episode of Humboldt Holding Up of 2021, Metz shares with LoCO how she and her staff switched up their game to try and make the most of the past pandemic-plagued year and assures us that Humboldt will party again (as soon as it’s safe to do so). Plus, we learn about her efforts to help reinvigorate Old Town by reimagining the historic Eagle House and she tells us about that time she ended up hiking through the redwoods with Bill Murray while he was a guest at the inn. Be jealous.

Click the player above to hear Metz’s chat with LoCO’s Stephanie McGeary and Andrew Goff and/or scroll our past guests below.

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Bill Murray stayed at The Inn at 2nd and C when he performed in Eureka in 2017