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Articles by Mike Dronkers

July 2014

HSU Now Has A Submarine

Dronkers’ Deep Web: Throwback Thursday, c. 1906 - Quakes And Racism

$500 Fines For Water Wasters Start Friday

Six Rivers National Forest Just Got 320 Acres Bigger

Flipped Car at Buhne & I in Eureka

Supes To Discuss Wildlife Services Contract

Hey, Growers: Is This a Thing Yet?

Bear Vs. Car = Sadness In Eureka (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

June 2014

KHUM Listeners Are Listing Humboldt’s Bumper Stickers

Did A Tsunami Boat Wash Up?

May 2014

Chromeo Loves Guy Fieri. Does Guy Fieri Love Chromeo?

UPDATING: KHUM Listeners Are Finding All The Monkey Puzzle Trees

Dronkers’ Deep Web: Magical Internet Money

April 2014

Eagle Cam: Is It HatchWatch 2014 Already?

Dronkers’ Deep Web: Pimp My Pierson

Coastal Currents: Rep. Jared Huffman’s Drought Legislation

Homeless “Bunkers” Found During Routine Beach Cleanup

You Will Finally Be Able To Hear KRFH

March 2014

FOLLOWUP: We Talked To The Hobo

Dronkers’ Deep Web - Behind The Plazoid

UPDATE #3: (Even More) Actual Progress On That Bay Trail

Theological Throwdown: Fred Phelps Is Reportedly Dying. Is Celebrating A Bad Guy’s Death OK?

You Absolutely Want To Drive All The Electric Cars

February 2014

Dronkers’ Deep Web: Someone Has A Crush On You

Dronkers’ Deep Web: $750K VW Bug, Bitcoin For Bongs In McK, Eurekans Are Curious About Katy Perry

In the KHUM Studio: Brothers Comatose

January 2014

New Crabs Prez Is Youngest, Maybe Nicest

Two Makes It True: Was The Clam Beach Run Too Short This Year?

Dronkers’ Deep Web: Gnar-Shredding, Sybian Clearance Sale and a Cat on a Skateboard [66% NSFW]

Dronkers’ Deep Web: “my dog took a crap in someone front yard”

Look At This Treehouse

McKay Tract Funding Setback Isn’t All Bad, Says County

Journalist Seth Zuckerman On What Legalization Looks Like

Meet Allan Dollison, DA Candidate

December 2013

Arcata: Marijuana Leaves?

McKay Tract Supervisorial Summit

Supes To Get Earful About McKay Tract Tuesday

Here Is A Partial List of Things That Don’t Belong In Liscom Slough That One Mild-Mannered Guy Removed

UPDATING: Best and Worst Smells of Humboldt

November 2013

VERNACULAR BATTLE: The Humboldt Glossary

Alex Stillman and Jessica Hall on Arcata’s New Plastic Bag Ordinance

Gallegos Will Not Seek Fourth Term

Coastal Currents: Superhero Edition (AUDIO)

About That Water Shutoff Tomorrow

Can You Let It Mellow This Wednesday?

McKinleyville To Organize Tonight

TOO HOT: The Economic Stats That LoCO Editorial Staff Don’t Want You To See

Lonely Hearts Club Planned

October 2013

(UPDATING) Arcata Zombie Watch 2013

Mapped: Walkable Manila