December 2015

At Ease, Eureka! That Unholy Caterwauling Was Only Cops Going Christmas Shopping

Don’t Freak Out About That Light on the Hill, Arcata and McKinleyville

October 2015

The Humboldt Bay Power Plant Is Not Exploding

Man Walking Through Eureka with a Rifle? Eh, Not Really

September 2015

Bomb-Bot Deployed on Bag of Laundry Near the Blue Lake Post Office Last Night

Fake Plane to Fake Crash at the California Redwood Coast–Humboldt County Airport This Afternoon

August 2015

All Simulated Hell is About to Break Loose at a Humboldt State Dorm

July 2015

DUMPSTER DEATH SCARE: Dump Truck Driver Fears That He Dumped a Dumpster-Dweller Into the Trash

Everything is Fine at ACV This Morning

Arcata Fire is Going to Torch Some Rooms Inside a McKinleyville House Tuesday

June 2015

Kayaker’s Personal Emergency Drill Unwittingly Prompts Public Emergency Response

THAT DOES NOT GO THERE: Car Makes a Detour Into Fortuna Main Street Storefront, Witnesses Say

Q: ‘Hello, Lamppost! Whatcha Knowing?’; A: ‘Some Nice Tourists’ Car Hood’

(UPDATED: FALSE REPORT) Rescue Swimmers Searching Del Norte Street Pier for Reported Drowning Victim

May 2015

Kids Evacuated From Eureka City School Bus on Highway 101 This Morning

FYI: Serial Burglar is Out and About While He Awaits Sentencing

Humboldt Bay Fire is Going to Train By Completely Mutilating the Ol’ Norman’s Dry Cleaning Building

More on the (Smoke) Grenade That Shut Down the Arcata Plaza Yesterday

April 2015

SPOILER ALERT: Arcata Hostage Crisis Turns Out to Just Be Play Rehearsal

Today’s Non-Emergency Near McKinleyville High is Another ‘Every 15 Minutes’ Production

March 2015

Don’t Panic! Tsunami Warning Test Coming Wednesday

Rio Dell Turns Off Man’s Water; Man Allegedly Turns It Back On, Gets Arrested

Dusty Smoke Alarm Garners Impressive Response From Arcata Fire District

December 2014

Yes, There Will Be a Visible Fire Near Blue Lake Today

Yes, There Will Be Helicopters in Humboldt’s Skies This Week

November 2014

Is Your Subaru Station Wagon Sinking into the Marsh Behind Blue Ox Millworks Right Now?

[PHOTO] Transient Tenants Let Weeds Overrun NoHum Nest

Again: All the Emergency Personnel at the Jail This Morning? That’s a Drill

October 2014

Do Not Be Alarmed By This Morning’s Blaring Nuclear Plant Alarm

EPD Doesn’t Want You to Be Duped By World’s Most Obvious Ukrainian Email Scam

Another Inmate Walkaway From Sheriff’s Work Crew; Zane Middle School Briefly on Lockdown

No, the Humboldt County Jail is Not on Fire

Get Ready For Simulated Catastrophe! The Great American Shakeout Happens This Morning

September 2014

Sprinkler Douses Mini-Blaze at Bayshore Mall

Coast Guard Chopper Delivers Lunch to Stranded Boaters

Fortuna High School Evacuated When Rogue Ballast Sets Off Fire Alarm

May 2014

The Chaos You’re About to See at Fortuna High is Only a Drill

(VIDEO) There’s a Great Big Plume of Smoke Rising From the South Jetty, But Don’t Freak Out About It

March 2014

THE INSIDE SCOOP: That Standoff in Eureka Was a Stand Against an Empty House

January 2014

New Crabs Prez Is Youngest, Maybe Nicest

November 2013

LoCO’s Big, Dumb Guy Fieri Watch, DAY 6

(VIDEO) Quadcopter Aerial Views of Arcata Skate Park

October 2013

7.3 Magnitude Quake Off Japan’s Eastern Coast — No Tsunamis For Us, HumCo

No, Humboldt County Is Not Exploding: It’s the Great California Shakeout

September 2013

Yes, There Was a Naked Man Strolling Down Myrtle Avenue Today (NSFW)

Plaza Point Apartments Evacuated

Who Is Ruining the North Jetty’s Dolos By Making Them Something Worth Looking At?

November 2012

Looking for a Few Good Men…and Women

October 2012

Meet Your Neighbors The New-Fashioned Way

September 2012

Airport Disaster Drill Wednesday

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