Hardly News

January 2016

BREAKING: A Rainbow for Humboldt (PHOTO)

December 2015

Does McKinleyville Even Exist? Like at All?

A Humboldt Christmas Poem or: Sara Bareilles Returns Home, Keeps it Real For the Holidays

(VIDEO) U-Haul Driver Attempts McDonald’s Drive-Thru, Hits Sign and Roof

(VIDEO) Wanna See a Big Ass Tree Fall Down in the Eureka City Hall Parking Lot?

SLOW NEWS DAY: This is Our Favorite 3rd Grade Drawing of the Arcata Police Chief as a Reindeer

October 2015

(PHOTO) Man Puts Wheels on Jet Ski, Rides to Swains Flat Store

Can This Eureka Kid’s ‘Easy Spanish Rice’ Win a Local School a $30k Cafeteria Makeover? Your Vote Decides

(PHOTOS) Old Town Baristas Rock Bikinis in the Hopes of Helping Humboldt’s Hungry

Someone Called the Cops on This ‘Offensive’ Van Parked in Eureka

Your Latest ‘Humboldt is Really Pretty’ Video is Really Pretty (VIDEO)

September 2015

Eureka Costco Selling Christmas Stuff … in September

UPDATE: ’Jesus is Coming Soon,’ Old Town

All Humboldt’s Most Important People: A Guide to the NCJ’s 25th Anniversary Cover Image

August 2015

Humboldt’s Daniel Radcliffe Selfie Season Officially Opened Last Night at the Eureka Denny’s

HELLO, DANIEL RADCLIFFE! (Goodbye, Kirsten Dunst)

July 2015

PHOTO: This Amazing Photo of a Clearlake Fire Is Not a Photo of a Clearlake Fire

Eureka’s Sky is Kinda Killing It Right Now (PHOTOS)

About Today’s Feces Seep on Fifth Street

We Have Questions (PHOTO)

The Olympic Archer Who Taught J-Law to Shoot Did A Naked Redwoods Photo Shoot For ESPN (VIDEO)

Storefront Window Shattered at Zamora’s Furniture

June 2015

A Chemtrail Pilot’s Crisis of Conscience, or…

SLOW NEWS DAY: LoCO Tried to Tail the News Channel 3 News Van to Find Some News

(VIDEO) LoCO is Gonna Crowdsource Explanations For What This Old Arcata UFO Video Might Actually Be

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