January 2016

More Amazing Great Gray Owl Photos/Video

Great Gray Owl Spotted in Humboldt for First Time in 15 Years (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Aww! Young Elephant Seal Spending Friday Afternoon in Trinidad (PHOTOS)

Killer Whales Headed Our Way

December 2015

This Little Piggy Went to McKinleyville…

October 2015

Missing Your Snake? Oh, the Eureka Police Department Has That

Department of Fish and Wildlife: Deadly Virus Infecting Deer in Urban Areas Between Siskiyou and Fresno Counties

(PHOTOS) MORE WEIRD SIGHTINGS: Black-vented Shearwaters and a Cerulean Warbler!

September 2015

Little Gray Fox! Your Head Does Not Go in That Plastic Cup! Humboldt Wildlife Care Center to the Rescue!

July 2015

State Could Ban Bobcat Trapping at Upcoming Meeting in Fortuna

May 2015

After a Winter in Tahoe Fattening Up, Orphaned Bear Cubs Get Released Near Hoopa

(UPDATED) Mountain Lion Spotted Near Eureka School; Students Cautioned to Stay Off the Trails

April 2015

EPIC Convinces Feds that Spotted Owl May Be Endangered

March 2015

(UPDATE, SECOND HELPING OF EGG) Get Egg-cited, Humboldt! First Humboldt Bay Eagle Egg of 2015!

Squatchy Supertrail Planning Going Pretty Good

February 2015

Is This a Record? How Far Up the Eel Has a Seal Swum?

January 2015

Feds Finally Assert Humboldt’s Right to Trinity River Water Under 1955 Agreement

December 2014

(VIDEO) Drones + Humboldt + Bigfoot x Country Music = WTF

November 2014

[PHOTO] Transient Tenants Let Weeds Overrun NoHum Nest

August 2014

Your Daily Dose of Ferndalean Optimism: Roadkill Edition

July 2014

Whale In a River 2014

Six Rivers National Forest Just Got 320 Acres Bigger

Bear Vs. Car = Sadness In Eureka (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

May 2014

Um, Have You Seen Any Porcupines in Humboldt Lately?

February 2014

The Eagles Are Back!

October 2013

Killer Whales Sighted, Researchers Seeking Your Stories, Photos

August 2013

Fisher Necropsy Confirms Poisoning

July 2013

Lightning Fires in SoHum and Northern Mendocino

June 2013

Protecting Pot (and Other Plants) Without Using Rodenticides

April 2013

Elephant Seal Rescue

March 2013

NEW ARRIVAL: The Humboldt Bay Eagles Have Laid an Egg!

October 2012

U.S. Fish & Wildlife: Save the Plovers, Kill the Ravens

Spiders for the Halloween Mood

Bearly Light Enough

August 2012

Forestry-Practice Showdown: PALCO v. Humboldt Redwood Co.

July 2012

From Humboldt Wildlife Care Center: Pelicans Dying, Again UPDATED

April 2012

The Eel River Symposium

February 2012

Love is a Natural High

January 2012

Call of the Wild

Twin Fawns

November 2011

Occupy the Ocean?

Occupy Thanksgiving?

From Sharks to Birds: Attacks and Protection in the Ocean

October 2011

Wildly Inappropriate

August 2011

Too Close For Comfort?

A Day on the Beach

June 2011

Dust Bunnies Are Alive

May 2011

Rare Sight—-An Anise Swallowtail

A Critter Few have seen in Humboldt

April 2011

Have a Hoppy Happy 4/20 Day

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