“Coyote Song” by Rick Bartow | Painting images courtesy of Willamette University Archives and Special Collections

(AUDIO) Michelle and Zuzka are Holding Up

Hernandez (left) and Sabata

Since 2019 members of the Wiyot Tribe and Dell’Arte have been collaborating on the Bartow Project — a project documenting and celebrating the life and work of late Wiyot artist Rick Bartow. After the pandemic stalled the project a bit and forced the creators to reimagine the process, the project is finally being realized and will primarily consist of four short films about Bartow to be release in Spring of 2022.

Another painting of Bartow’s

On this week’s episode of Humboldt Holding Up — the Outposts mildly creative podcast — Artistic Directors of the Bartow Project Michelle Hernandez (Wiyot) and Zuzka Sabata discuss the relationship between Dell’Arte and the tribe, the project’s and the story of Bartow and his incredible paintings, drawing’s and sculptures, and other topics, including:

  • The Sunrise Gathering taking place on the Baduwa’t (Mad) River on Thanksgiving morning
  • The “awakening” of Wiyot traditions and how Wiyot culture is become more widely accepted by the community
  • Other collaborations between the tribe and Dell’Arte, including the Baduwa’t Festival
  • Herndez’s personal relationship with Bartow “uncle Rick” and some stories of his visits in Humboldt
  • More!

Click on the audio player above to hear Hernadez and Suska chat with the Outpost‘s Andrew Goff and Stephanie McGeary and learn more about the project and Bartow’s incredible life and work. And maybe you’d like to scroll through past episodes below.

Bartow sculpture “Snarf”, held in the private collection of Ronda Kossow, Julie Swan’s daughter