“Ash Can,” a 2022 painting by local artist Jesse Wiedel depicting an act of unlikely heroism in the face of a very-Eureka phenomenon

(AUDIO) Jesse Wiedel is Holding Up

Jesse Wiedel sees the world a little differently. Many of the Eureka-based artist’s paintings depict fantastical scenes featuring free-but-feral humanity that somehow manage to be both bleak and hilarious. Often set in gritty locations that would be familiar to Humboldt eyeballs, his works are like a cracked mirror held up to our corner of the world, offering a cathartic experience to those with the capacity to be amused by a colorful and outlandish version of the breakdown of society. They’re fantasy, but not by much.

On this episode of Humboldt Holding Up — LoCO’s weekly breakdown of podcasting — we speak with Wiedel about his art and why he’s drawn to the characters he conjures. Click the audio player above (or head on over to Apple Podcasts) to hear Wiedel’s chat with the Outpost’s Stephanie McGeary and Andrew Goff.

If you’re unfamiliar with Wiedel’s art click on over to his website for a nicely catalogued collection of his works. We’ll also include a small sampling of some of his more locally inspired works below.

“The Glory Clouds” (2021)

“Hand of Doom” (2020)

“Area 101” (2020)

“Christ’s Entry Into Humboldt County” (2019)

The Corsair” (2018)

“Afternoon of the Comet” (2017)

“Liquor and Drugs” (2016)

“The Pale Horse” (2015)

“Whaler’s Inn” (2014)

“Fragile” (2014)

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