(AUDIO) Justin Schwartzman is Holding Up

Citizens of Humboldt! Should you ever find yourself bored, rest easy knowing the creative folk of our region have done it again and have innovated yet another activity that graciously allows you to keep one hand free to hold a beer and/or joint. Yay, us! Introducing: Bounskee

What is Bounskee, you are justified in wondering? Bounskee is a new locally made game that borrows elements from both skee-ball and beer pong and can be played by fun-seekers of virtually any age or physical ability. Click that video above and you’ll be hard-pressed to not grasp what’s happening, here. You throw the ping pong ball into the hole, you score points, you feel good. Simple.

On today’s edition of Humboldt Holding Up, we speak with local inventor Justin Schwartzman about how and why he developed Bounskee and what ambitions he has for pushing the game out into the world at large. His creation is already spreading local joy. You may have seen Bounskee units set up in Septentrio Winery, Six Rivers Brewery or Fieldbrook Market. And there’s already a Bounskee league that meets weekly at Humboldt Brews!

Click the audio player above or head over to Apple Podcasts to hear Justin’s chat with LoCO’s Andrew Goff and Stephanie McGeary. And also be sure to scroll our aural rolodex of past HHU guests below.

Justin Schwartzman, left, keeps score at a recent Bounskee event. You can learn more on the Bounskee website