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Alex Stillman is Holding Up

Since she was elected as Arcata’s first woman council member in 1972, Alex Stillman has served many roles in her community — a council member in the ‘70s and again in 2006, a member of the Historic Sites Society and Historic Landmarks Committee and a board member of Arcata Main Street, to name a few — and she has never stopped working to improve her little Humboldt town.

The grande dame herself, Alex Stillman

Of course, the grande dame Stillman has some stories to tell from the last five decades and shares a few of them with you, dear listener, on this week’s episode of Humboldt Holding Up — the Outpost‘s good-enough podcast. Topic include:

  • How Arcata’s adapted to COVID and the joys of outdoor dining
  • What will HSU’s transformation to a polytechnic university mean for the town?
  • What was Arcata like in the ‘70s? Stillman gives a shout-out to old bars the Keg and the Boot and talks about not partaking in the key parties
  • The start of the Arcata Marsh and Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • The then contentious issue of the freeway being constructed through town and the “Stop at Four” Campaign
  • Stillman’s passion for historic preservation
  • Why she is proud to hand out Mr. Humboldt’s coveted “Cougar Award”

Click on the audio player above or head on over to iTunes to hear Stillman’s chat with Andrew Goff and Stephanie McGeary and/ or scroll through past guests below.