(AUDIO) Emily Goldstein is Holding Up

Councilmember Goldstein (or just “Emily”)

Let’s talk Arcata! On this week’s episode of Humboldt Holding Up — LoCO’s lo-fi, “why not?” podcast — we speak with Emily Goldstein, who was elected to the Arcata City Council at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and is one of the city’s four new councilmembers sworn in since December. Topics include:

  • Why Goldstein sees approving and building more housing as a top priority for Arcata
  • Our region’s ongoing mental health crisis
  • Campaigning in the middle of a global pandemic
  • Recent anti-LGBTQ incidents in the city and the community’s response
  • Her day job as a health policy coordinator
  • How a warm interaction on her first day in Arcata kicked off her love for the city
  • More!

Click the player above or — an even better option, if you ask us — head on over to Apple Podcasts to hear Goldstein’s chat with LoCO’s Stephanie McGeary and Andrew Goff. And be sure to check out previous episodes below.

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