David Cobb, Cooperation Humboldt Executive Director

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(AUDIO) David Cobb is Holding Up!

It’s been nearly four years since a group of local dreamers and community organizers founded Cooperation Humboldt with the lofty goal of pushing for a more equitable world. In that time, the organization has launched numerous programs focusing on the community’s needs — from food education, to housing, to arts workshops, just to name a few — while also attempting to prepare people for a potential post-capitalist world.

On today’s miraculous 50th episode of Humboldt Holding Up, LoCO‘s apparently never-quit podcast, we chat with David Cobb, longtime Green Party activist and one of the founders of Cooperation Humboldt about all aspects of the organization plus other topics, including:

  • His journey from student political organizer to earning the 2004 Green Party nomination for President and later working as campaign manager for 2016 nominee Jill Stein
  • Following his heart to Humboldt County and why he feels at home here
  • A discussion of Cooperation Humboldt’s various community programs and its leadership structure
  • What a future CH “Ecovillage” might look like
  • The upcoming launch of the Full Cycle Compost, a new CH-incubated, worker-owned business

Click on the audio player above or head on over to iTunes to hear Cobb’s chat with the LoCO’s Stephanie McGeary and Andrew Goff. And if you feel up for it, scroll through the growing list of past guests below.