Papa and Barkley Social and the Scotia Lodge will both open in the coming weeks thanks, in part, to the efforts of today’s Humboldt Holding Up guest

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(AUDIO) Amy Cirincione O’Connor is Holding Up

At a time when we are all considering welcoming guests into our homes again, Amy Cirincione O’Connor is also preparing for people to pay her a visit. A lot of people, she’s hoping. That’s because, during the pandemic, she and her husband Jon O’Connor have been readying a pair of ambitious Humboldt projects for launch. One of them — Papa and Barkley Social, a new cannabis consumption lounge, dispensary and spa — had its soft this week. The other, the rehabilitated and renamed Scotia Lodge, is scheduled to open its doors this summer. Yes, Amy’s been busy.


Amy Cirincione O’Connor, Humboldt Bay Social

On today’s episode of Humboldt Holding Up, Cirincione O’Connor talks about crafting a business model that aims to further normalize cannabis for both locals and tourists. Topics discussed include:

  • Why you might have heard her dad on NPR
  • How a passion for social work and a love of the outdoors landed her on the west coast
  • Rehabilitating and establishing the Humboldt Bay Social Club and the Oyster Beach Vacation Rentals on the Samoa Peninsula
  • How her team is navigating state and local regulations to establish Papa and Barkley Social and Scotia Lodge
  • How important a strong aesthetic is for her ventures
  • Being a mom who uses cannabis products
  • Hot towels!

Click the audio player above or navigate to the podcast app here to hear Cirincione O’Connor’s chat with LoCO’s Stephanie McGeary and Andrew Goff. Also, be sure to scroll past Humboldt Holding Up guests below.