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Articles by Jennifer Savage

August 2016

YOUR WEEK IN OCEAN: Visit the Three Humboldt Places That May Be Added to the California Coastal National Monument

May 2016

OP-ED: Who Are the Zombies — The Homeless, or Us?

February 2016

Your Week In Ocean: #SaveOurCoast, ‘Chasing Ice,’ Greenland or Bust

December 2015

What To Do When Jerks In Trucks Harass Beachgoers

November 2015

(PHOTOS) Help Needed: King Tides Provide Gander at High Water Future

October 2015

(VIDEO) Baby Squid!!! Hatching!!!

(VIDEO) 500 Salmon, 1 Hour

(PHOTOS) MORE WEIRD SIGHTINGS: Black-vented Shearwaters and a Cerulean Warbler!

(PHOTOS) Sea Otter Sighting Off North Jetty

September 2015


YOUR WEEK IN OCEAN: ‘Big Blue,’ Baby Birds, Buoys

August 2015

Oh, Buoy! North Spit and Cape Mendo Waveriders Facing the Axe

Your Week in Ocean: SCRAP Humboldt and A Scrapped Humboldt Bay Power Plant

YOUR WEEK IN OCEAN: Kick Down, Clean Up

Your Week in Ocean: ‘Pelican Dreams’ and Please Tour Your Local MPAs With This Cool Google Feature

Get To Know Your Oyster

Critter Crawl, In Which a Bunch of People Freestyle Through The Bay for A Good Cause

July 2015

What Is That Fast-Moving Lighted Object In The Sky?

Your Week in Ocean: You Gotta Read this Stuff

Your Week in Ocean: Pisaster Disaster, Critter Crawl, Fish Kill?

Your Week in Ocean: Warm-Blooded Fish, Steel-Nerved Fishermen

Your Week in Ocean: ‘One of the Most Influential Surfers in the World’ – on KHUM

Your Week in Ocean, Part Two: Shark Week, Coastal Cleanup, #EarthIsBlue

Your Week in Ocean, Part One: Gross, Guys

SoCal Senators Get to Know the North Coast

‘Fish, Flows and Marijuana Grows’: Live-Blogging Senator McGuire’s Hearing Examining Impacts of Marijuana Grows on State’s Fisheries

June 2015

Clam Beach is ‘F’ed: Popular Humboldt Seaside Destination is Third-Dirtiest in the State

Your Week in Ocean: Why Eat Anywhere Else?

Your Week In Ocean: The Mysterious and Beautiful World of @MSidKelly

May 2015

Your Week in Ocean #TBT: Strange Sightings [EVEN MORE UPDATED][UPDATED] [PHOTOS]

Your Week in Ocean: Today’s Coastal Currents, In Which We Discuss Big Oil vs. The World

Your Week in Ocean: Seal Pups Strewn About, Washington Oyster Controversy

April 2015

Your Week In Ocean: ‘A Dream Come True,” Orca ID’d, Osprey Gets Lunch

Researchers Part Out Fort Bragg Killer Whale Carcass for Study

The Great Ladybug Washup

(UPDATED) Dead Killer Whale Washes Up Near Fort Bragg

Being the Change: Zoe and Emma On Untrashing Humboldt

Your Week in Ocean: Passing Whales, Coastal Cash Influx, More Weird Creatures

Your Week in Ocean: Purple Snails Ride ‘Warm Blob’ to Local Shores

March 2015

Your Week in Ocean: The Great Sea Otter Mystery!

Mining Corporation Backs Off Humboldt Bay

Your Week in Ocean: Doing Unto Others

Your Week in Ocean: Champions of the Coast

February 2015

Your Week in Ocean: Whistleblower Continues Speaking Out

(UPDATED) Your Week in Ocean: Cyanide On the Bay? Plus Abalone Survey and A-Town Underwater

Your Day in Ocean: Meet Senator McGuire

January 2015

Your Week in Ocean: In Which You Are Directed Hither and Yon

North Jetty Call Box: Should It Live or Should It Die?

(UPDATED) Shark Clears Jetty Lineup (Again)

Your Week in Ocean: Utah