Articles by Emily Hobelmann

February 2019

THE HOBELMANN REPORT: At Last Week’s ‘Seed to Sale’ Cannabis Business Event in Fortuna

December 2018

The HOBELMANN REPORT: 2018 Cannabis Gift Guide!

November 2018

HOBELMANN REPORT: Three Candidates Are Running For Three Seats on the Fortuna City Council, and None of Them Are Too Jazzed About Cannabis

September 2018

THE HOBELMANN REPORT: Cannabis Commerce Descends On Fortuna at HCGA’s ‘Meet the Buyers’ Event

December 2015

THE WEED SOCIALITE: Getting Down With the Cannabis People at the 2015 Emerald Cup!

August 2015

LoCO ON THE POT: What Color is Your Wristband?: Reggae on the River 2015

June 2015

LoCO ON THE POT: A Lazy Day at the Secret Cup, Where Dabs Were Allegedly the Main Attraction

May 2015

LoCO ON THE POT: Gavin Does Legalization in Garberville

February 2015

LoCO ON THE POT: Mendocino Gets Its Own Seed-Swapping Club

LoCO ON THE POT: What’s Up With That Big Pinoleville Pomo Grow?

January 2015

LoCO ON THE POT: Dabbable Bubble Hash?!? Whaaaaaat…

December 2014

LoCO ON THE POT: To Dab and Dab Not

LoCO ON THE POT: The Emerald Cup Mothership Lands on Santa Rosa. Mad Dabbing Ensues

LoCO ON THE POT: Humboldt Hip-Hop Legends Make Weed-a-rific Feature Film Debut!

November 2014

LoCO on the Pot: 2014 Emerald Cup ‘Flower’ Judges Hold Court at Area 101

LoCO on the Pot: The Gala — A Harvest Party With A Giant Chocolate Hash Fountain

October 2014

LoCO on the Pot: A Trim Scene With a Trim Machine

LoCO on the Pot: Harvest Season!

LoCO on the Pot: An Interview With Hank III!

September 2014

Bright Lighters, Big Sticky: A Humble Stoner Mixes With California’s Cannabiz Elite

Tomatoes and Cannabis: Or, Backwoods Agriculture is Kinda Mysterious

The Golden Tarp Has Been Awarded! Photos From Yesterday’s Light Dep Party at the Mateel

First-Ever Light Dep Festival Hits the Mateel! Plus: Commandos?

August 2014

A Visit to Mendocino’s Marijuana Farmers’ Market

LoCO on the Pot: All Around Our Weedy World

LoCO on the Pot: I Smoked My Herb With Herbs

LoCO On the Pot: Reggae on the River 2014 — French’s Inferno!

July 2014

LoCO on the Pot: I Love Marijuana With My Heart and Soul

LoCO On the Pot: Weed Strains

LoCO on the Pot: Should Pot Farmers Get the Water?

LoCO On the Pot: Humboldt’s New Pot PAC and Sacramento’s Devious Moves

June 2014

LoCO On the Pot: SF High Times Cannabis Cup — Dab Frenzy!

LoCO on the Pot: The View From on High

April 2014

LoCO On The Pot: Unhappy 420

March 2014

LoCO On The Pot: No Pets, No Smoking, No 215

LoCO on the Pot: Sacramento is High

LoCO on the Pot: In Defense of Potheads

LoCO on the Pot: Hello There, Officer Law!

February 2014

LoCO on the Pot: Water!

LoCO On The Pot: Legalization Roundup!

January 2014

LoCO on the Pot: President Obama Should Take This Dope Quiz on Dope

LoCO On The Pot: Media on the Weed!

LoCO on the Pot: Buying Marijuana in Eureka and a Report From Colorado

LoCO on the Pot: Legalize Cannabis in America and in France? A Short History about a Long Love/Hate Relationship

December 2013

LoCO on the Pot: 2014 New Years’ Resolution: Legalize Cannabis in California

LoCO On The Pot: The Last of the Emerald Cup Coverage

LoCO on the Pot: Photos From the Emerald Cup

Holy Sh*t! I’m an Emerald Cup Hash Judge

November 2013

LoCO on the Pot: Warshington, Colorady and Lame Legalization

LoCO on the Pot: A Smorgasbord of an Update on Humboldt Marijuana Regulation