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Articles by Mike Dronkers

November 2015

(AUDIO) Dengler, Miller, Uyeki Discuss the Japanese Tsunami Boat’s Journey to Northern California

October 2015

Reggae on the River To Go ‘Water-Neutral’

July 2015

Girth First? Local Man May Have Just Found the World’s Fattest Redwood

Here’s Why This Long Distance Swim Race In Humboldt Bay Isn’t Crazy

June 2015

Top 5 Zingers From Eureka High’s Salutatorian Speech (VIDEO)

The Lost Coast Trail Is About To Get Longer

“I Finally Got My Parade”: Humboldt Veterans Heading To DC This Week

Here’s Why Arcata’s ‘California Welcome Center’ Might Close

May 2015

Orick Finally Gets Wired Broadband

Little League Gear Stolen In Arcata Last Night

(UPDATE) Humboldt’s Missing Peregrine Falcon Has Been Found and is Eating Chicken

9 Quotes About Mental Illness Stigma From a County Health Worker Who Speaks From Experience

Paddleboard Ocean Race This Sunday

April 2015

Challenge: List All Of Humboldt’s Tunnels

VIDEO: Humboldt Hoop Star Goes National

How Many of Humboldt’s Ex-Venues Can You Name?

EPIC Convinces Feds that Spotted Owl May Be Endangered

DRONKERS’ DEEP WEB: Plaza Fights, Opium, Bashful Proclivities

Humboldt Bay Marathon Organizers Are Going Big

Eureka Dog Park Countdown: One Week

March 2015

I DON’T BELIEVE YOU, Greg King of Siskiyou Land Conservancy

KMUD’s Island Mountain Update Is Inexplicably Strange

No Death Penalty Sought In Jason Anthony Warren Trial

Squatchy Supertrail Planning Going Pretty Good

February 2015

(UPDATED) Bike-Thru Thief Snatches Dutch Bros. Tip Jar, Gets Caught, Gets Released

“Even Though He Was Homeless, He Wouldn’t Accept The Reward”

January 2015

Jojo: The KHUM Interview

[GRAPHIC VIDEO] Anthropogenic Filth Along The Eel River

It Appears That ACV Jet Service Begins March 5th

December 2014

[UPDATED] 9 Items From Humboldt’s 2014 “Win” Column

[UPDATED] Matching Donations Established to Help Food For People

Humboldt County Agriculture, By The (Legal) 2013 Numbers

And Just Like That, Martin Slough Pump Station Is Operational

(VIDEO) Drones + Humboldt + Bigfoot x Country Music = WTF

EPIC: Richardson Grove Realignment Project “Not Active At All” Anymore

November 2014

Dronkers’ Deep Web: Kindness Sighted On Humboldt Craiglist

Free Drought Kits For Low-Income Humboldt Residents

Skywest To Be All Jet, All The Time

Coastal Currents: The Marine Chemist Who Found Fukushima Radiation 100 Miles West Of Eureka

[PHOTO] Transient Tenants Let Weeds Overrun NoHum Nest

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) ‘Sharkmarine’ Spotted in Ocean Near Trinidad

October 2014

Dronkers Deep Web: A Short History Of Skeletal Remains Found In The Dark Woods Of Humboldt County

Jen Kalt, Bombastic Orator, Not Furious About Being Nixed Out Of Low-Level Committee

Hey HumCo, You’re Looking Pretty Great In This Mountain Bike Video

KHUM Listeners Debate Where The Best Trick-or-Treating Is

September 2014

Record-Setting Rain (& Rainbows) Yesterday

Monster Squid Harvest

You Relate To This. The Struggle Is Real.

August 2014

Here’s Why All Those Water Trucks Are Lined Up Alongside The AmeriGas Yard In Arcata

Dronkers’ Deep Web: #LodgeFire