January 2016

(VIDEO) Your First 2016 Palco Marsh Flyover; Also, Planet Fitness Responds!

December 2015

The Last Palco Marsh Homeless Camp Cleanup of 2015. PLUS: Testing the Planet Fitness ‘Judgment Free Zone’

Eureka Police to Push Palco Marsh Campers Back From Foot of Del Norte; Protest Scheduled for Tomorrow Morning

October 2015

(VIDEO) Your Latest Palco Marsh/Devil’s Playground Drone Flyover

(VIDEO) ‘Palco Marsh/Devil’s Playground Street View’ Helmet Cam Video

(PHOTOS) Puppies and Pancakes, Trash and Transition: A Day in Eureka’s Palco Marsh and Devil’s Playground

September 2015

‘All of Our Efforts On Homelessness Are Paying Off,” Says Eureka Police Chief

Arcata Has a New Apartment Complex Serving Homeless, Low-Income and Mentally Ill

(VIDEO) Let Us Compare This Devil’s Playground Flyover Video Taken Over the Weekend With One From Five Months Ago

Redwood Pals Rescue and Eureka Vets Vaccinate Dogs Near Palco Camp

August 2015

Eureka Council to Consider New Tools to Evict Homeless, Seize Their Stuff

Return of the MAC: Officials Address New Model for Eureka Homeless Facility

July 2015

EPD: Suspicious Homeless Encampment Death Ruled an Overdose

Humboldt’s Homeless Numbers Jump 25 Percent Since Last Count

Eureka is Going to Try a Weekly, Rotating Homeless Encampment Cleanup Schedule

May 2015

Eureka City Council Votes to Allow Two Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

April 2015

(VIDEO) Drone Flyover of Devil’s Playground Homeless Encampments

February 2015

Eureka Residents Express Concern, Skepticism About Changes at Multiple Assistance Center

LISTEN: Eureka Citizen Leaves Voicemail, Promises Public Appearance

Eureka Citizen: Philanthropic Group or Some Dipshit in His Pajamas?

Op-Ed: Changes at the MAC Could Help End Homelessness in Humboldt

Tonight, Extreme Weather Shelters Opened Across Humboldt

Leaving the MAC: New Countywide Homelessness Strategy Sparks Concern Among At-Risk Families

“Even Though He Was Homeless, He Wouldn’t Accept The Reward”

January 2015

For Tenants of Blue Heron Lodge, Eviction Means Yet Another Hardship

Dumpsters Back at Devil’s Playground; City of Eureka’s Latest Crack at Homeless Encampment Cleanups

Jojo: The KHUM Interview

County, Eureka Police Create Mobile Team to Help Mentally Ill Homeless

December 2014

Local Photographer Nick Adams Releases Clip From Video Project on Eureka Homeless

Eureka Ponders Homeless Strategies at Special Council Meeting

(AUDIO) After Yesterday’s Cleanup, Devil’s Playground Looks Pretty Similar

‘Til the Dumpsters are Full’: Today’s Purge of the Devil’s Playground Homeless Encampment

May 2014

Eureka Police Chief’s Top 10 Quotes from Yesterday’s Human Rights Commission Meeting

March 2014

Your Week in Ocean, Part One: Cleaning Up Woodley Island Homeless Camp

FOLLOWUP: We Talked To The Hobo

January 2014

Arkley Blames Betty Chinn ‘And Her Ilk’ for Priest Murder

October 2013

New Homeless-centric Newspaper

September 2013

Coastal Cleanup Among the Homeless

At Rob Arkley’s Homelessness Symposium (AUDIO)

Jeff Bridges Encourages Specifically Humboldt To Feed The Poor (VIDEO)

April 2013

A Eureka Homeless Camp Was On Fire This Morning (PHOTOS)

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